Copyright Conditions



Perfect Shot keeps the copyright protection of all web pages and digital images. Perfect Shot reserves the right to use all images for promotion of Perfect Shot but not a third party. The original REALTOR® who paid for this service, has permission/license to use these images on any electronic or printed form of advertisement for the promotion of that property while listed with said REALTOR®. Once property has Sold, Expired or is Withdrawn the license/permission expires. Images cannot be altered after they are in your possession.

Images cannot be sold or given away to the property owner or one REALTOR® to another REALTOR® who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing. Failure to pay for the images will result in a copyright infringement/violation pursuant to the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, 17 U.S.C. §512(c). You will be asked to remove the image from any electronic or printed form of advertisement. Failure to stop using them will result in legal action.